The International Figure Skating Club “GSA - Global Skating Academy” is conducting 2 on-line

Single & Pair Skating Officials Seminars June 29-30, 2024 and August 03-04, 2024.
Each Seminar will consist of 2 parts.
Each Seminar will include written and practical Examination.

The goal of both Seminars is to discuss the service of the Officials including all last Rule
changes accepted by the 59th ISU Congress in Las Vegas June 10-14, 2024 as well as the changes
published in the last ISU Communications.
The Seminars are also open for coaches, parents and skaters.

By participating in these Seminars the listeners will get the necessary information while avoiding
a long travel. This information is vital for serving in various events during the season 2024-2025
and next seasons.

Our Club will issue the Certificates with confirmation of the participation.
Alexander Lakernik
Honorary ISU Vice President
Rita Zonnekeyn
Former Single and Pair Technical Committee Member
The fee for participation in one Seminar is 100 USD